Bread.. A prehistoric provision consumed by nations over centuries. With its dynamic appearance and taste, bread comes in various shapes, sizes and textures all whilst using relatively the same ingredients.


We at Taza Bake specialize in Mediterranean bread also known as ‘Khobez’ which can also be known as 'Arabic Bread’, ‘Wrap Bread’, or ‘Flat Bread’.


This delicious delicacy composed of flour, water, some sugar and salt is used widely in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern areas. It is a must in every home rich or poor, and is eaten usually with most types of food, especially with breakfast.


It can be filled with different types of food and vegetables such as Shawerma meat and the well-known Falafel. It can also be used to eat other Mediterranean starters such as Homous, Greek Style Yogurt and Olives. 


Bread, has a sense of spirituality in it as none of it should go to waste as this is considered disrespectful. Even to the point that if a piece should fall to the ground, it would be picked up; kissed and raised to the forehead as a symbol of respect to the blessings we are given. 


A popular saying used commonly in the Arab nations is; ‘Khobez w Melh’, word translation being; ‘Bread and Salt’, similar to the English saying of ‘Breaking Bread’. If you break bread with someone, then between you there is a bond, or a certain intimacy which bread brings. 


In Egypt it is referred to as ’aish‘ which means ‘living’. With bread, comes life...


You can enjoy the maximum taste of Khoboz when it is freshly baked and here arises the meaning behind our name: ‘Freshly Baked’, or the Arabic translation ‘Taza Bake’.


We are proud that our factory is the first in its kind in Scotland.


We aim not only to deliver a product to you, but to deliver the whole story in the taste...

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