Our Business:


We are a baking factory, distribution company established in August 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Our operation has started in March 2015.


Our name:

Taza means Fresh, and that is our aim to deliver a freshly baked products on daily basis.


Our Products:

We are specialized in Syrian flatbread (or so called wrap bread or Khobez), 

We produce it in different sizes, and different kind of flour (Wheat flour, Whole wheat flour).

As well as Mana'eesh, Fatayer, and Ma'moul, a stone baked Syrian pies / pizzas in different stuffing inside.

We are proud that we are the first producer for these kind of products in Scotland,


Our production line:

Our machineries were shipped to Scotland from thousands of miles away to ensure the production of best quality Khobez, this accompanied by another production line for Fatayer and Manaeesh,

The production line is considered safe for the environment and for the workers, designed to be suitable for work as per European Standards, and most important it reduces the direct contact between the dough and the humans to the minimum.


Our aim

To supply our freshly baked bread directly to your shop or restaurant all over Scotland, and to sell our baked specialities directly to retail customers in Edinburgh and deliver them localy.

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